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New Year seems to come around with frightening speed (Especially as you get older!).  A nice easy recipe for the new year.


INGREDIENTS ( To serve 6)


3     Strips of bacon (Diced)

¾    Cup of chopped green onions (including tops)

½    Cup diced red bell pepper

¼    Cup frozen green peas (Thawed)

1     Beaten egg

4     Cups of cold cooked white rice

2     Tablespoons of Soy sauce




(1)  Cook the bacon in a wok or large skillet over a medium heat until crisp

(2)  Add the green onions, red pepper and peas

(3)  Stir fry for approximately one minute

(4)  Add the egg and scramble

(5)  Stir in the rice and cook until heated, gently separating the grains

(6)  Add Soy sauce and cook until heated through

(7)  Serve immediately



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