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1     Teaspoon of dry Sherry

1     Egg white

1     Teaspoon of cornflower

8     oz of shelled prawns, chopped

4     Large slices of white bread (With the crusts removed)

1     Tablespoon of sesame seeds

2     Tablespoons of cooked ham

Oil for deep frying





(1)    Mix together the sherry, the egg white, the cornflour, the prawns and salt to taste in a large mixing bowl until they are well blended

(2)   Preheat the oil to  180ºC /350ºF

(3)    Divide the prawn mixture between the slices of bread and sprinkle over the sesame seeds and ham

(4)    Press the mixture well into the bread (You can use the back of a wooden spoon to do this)

(5)    Cut the bread into triangles from corner to corner

(6)    Deep fry the bread triangles, 1 or 2 at a time, prawn side down until the edges of the bread turn golden brown

(7)    Turn and continue to fry until golden all over

(8)    Remove from the oil and drain on kitchen paper and keep them warm whilst you fry the remaining bread triangles

(9)    Transfer to a previously warmed plate and serve hot


I can eat enough of these to turn them into a main course instead of a starter as they are so delicious


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