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INGREDIENTS ( Serves 4 People)


1     Round head lettuce, washed and dried

2    125g/4oz Tins Sardines in Olive Oil, drained

3    Chopped Hard Boiled Eggs

2     2 Sticks Celery, thinly sliced

5     fl.oz.   Soured cream

1     Tablespoons of milk

2     Tablespoons of lemon juice

1     Teaspoon of Caster Sugar

3      Tablespoons of Freshly chopped Chives

Salt and Black Pepper

Paprika to garnish

4 Lemon wedges, to garnish




(1)    Tear the lettuce leaves into pieces and arrange on 4 individual plates

(2)   Mash together the sardines and eggs in a bowl, then add the celery

(3)   Place in the fridge

(4)   Combine the soured cream together with the milk and lemon juice in another bowl,  until well blended

(5)    Stir in sugar and chives and season with salt and pepper

(6)    Chill for 15 minutes

(7)    When ready to serve, blend the dressing into the sardine mixture

(8)    Divide the resulting mixture between the plates of lettuce, sprinkle lightly with paprika and top each with a lemon wedge


Ideal for a hot summer evening


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