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INGREDIENTS ( Serves 6 People - 18 muffins)


1½    Cups of milk, Scalded

1       Tablespoon of sugar

3       Cups flour

1       Teaspoon of salt

½      Cake of dry yeast

1       Well beaten egg

1/8    Teaspoon of baking soda




(1)    Soften the yeast in milk

(2)    Add the sugar and salt

(3)    Add sufficient flour to make a 'drop batter'

(4)    Beat thoroughly

(5)    Set in a warm place and allow to become light

(6)    Add egg and baking soda

(7)    Beat thoroughly

(8)    Cook in muffin rings on a hot griddle, slowly on one side and then turn to complete cooking

(9)    Serve with butter and syrup


Very English, just like the Pie below.


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