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1              Whole salmon, 3-4kg/6.5-10lb in weight, gutted and cleaned

4              Sprigs of fresh parsley

½             Lemon, sliced

150ml       Of white wine

2              Tablespoons of vegetable oil




(1)      Heat the oven to 190ºC/375ºF(Gas 5)

(2)      Take 2 large sheets of foil and place on top of each other in a roasting tin. Spread the oil on the foil and place the salmon on top

(3)      Put the parsley, lemon slices and bay leaves into the body cavity

(4)      Fold the edges of the foil together and just before sealing, pour in the wine

(5)      Bake the fish for 50-60 minutes

(6)      Garnish with thinly sliced cucumber and watercress


The salmon can be served hot or cold, but if you are going to use it cold it should be allowed to cool whilst still wrapped in  the foil

This is a classic dish which will serve a large number of guests and can be prepared in advance


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