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We had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year due to the warm weather, so once the usual chutneys were made we decided to make some jam with some of the ones that were left.  The resulting jam was absolutely delicious so the recipe from our gran, who lived in Finchdean, and who never wasted anything should be shared, so that you can enjoy it too.




2       Kg of ripe tomatoes

2       Kg of preserving sugar (I used ordinary sugar this year and it worked OK)

1       Teaspoon of vanilla essence

2       Lemons





(1)      Skin the tomatoes and cut out the hard stalk where the tomato attaches to the vine

(2)      Roughly chop the tomatoes and put them into a very large pan (Make sure you keep all the juices and pips in the pan too)

(3)      Add the sugar to the pan

(4)      Bring the sugar and tomato mixture to the boil and turn the heat down until it JUST simmers

(5)      Allow to simmer for approximately two hours, stirring frequently

(6)      Whilst the sugar and tomato mix is simmering, chop the two lemons into quarters

(7)      Boil the quartered lemons for about 20 minutes until they are soft

(8)      Drain the lemons* and mash them (Including the skins) until they are just pulp (You can use a liquidiser for this if you like)

(9)      Add the pulped lemons  to the simmering sugar and tomato mixture and stir in well

(10)    When the mixture has simmered for two hours and has started to thicken, add the vanilla and stir well

(11)    Remove from the heat and pour the mixture into hot, previously prepared and sterilised jars

(12)    Whilst still hot cover with jampot covers, then allow to cool



*Keep the water from the boiled lemons and, whilst still hot, add sugar to taste.  Allow to cool in the refrigerator and you have delicious 100% natural lemonade to go with your breakfast of toast and tomato jam the next morning.


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