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1¼    Pounds of salmon fillet, chopped into ¼ inch cubes

2       Tablespoons mayonnaise

¼      Cup of onion, finely diced

2       Tablespoons of parsley, chopped

¾      Teaspoon of salt

1½    Tablespoons of lemon juice

Beaten egg and milk mix






(1)     Combine all ingredients and form into fish cake shapes

(2)     Place in freezer for about 10 minutes

(3)     Dip in beaten egg and milk mix

(4)     Coat in breadcrumbs TWICE

(5)     Fry in a shallow pan in light oil until golden brown on both sides

(6)     Spread ginger mayonnaise dressing (Recipe below) over the cakes and serve with a fresh salad



INGREDIENTS (Ginger Mayonnaise)


1½     Tablespoons of Fresh ginger root, very finely chopped

1        Cup of mayonnaise

2        Teaspoons of sugar

Milk, as required





(1)        Mix the mayonnaise, ginger, and sugar together thoroughly

(2)        Add a little milk, 1 teaspoon at a time, to produce a mayonnaise which forms soft peaks when dropped from a spoon

(3)        Chill in the fridge, in a sealed container, until ready for use


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