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We don't seem to have done any drinks in this section, so here is an unusual refreshing recipe for a summers day.




5       Ripe Bananas

5       Oranges

5       Lemons

5       Cups of sugar

7       Cups of water





(1)     Peel and mash the bananas

(2)     Extract the juice from the oranges and the lemons

(3)     Mix the mashed bananas, the orange and lemon juice, the sugar and the water together thoroughly

(4)     Freeze the resulting mixture

(5)     Fill a large glass one third full with the frozen mixture, and top up with lemonade, ginger ale or other similar fizzy drink


There should be enough, using the above quantities, to make 35 glasses of this refreshing drink.  Just invite all your friends round to enjoy it with you.

To make the party go with a swing you can add a shot of vodka or gin to each glass. "Lovely Jubbly"!!


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