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As usual this year we have grown more tomatoes than we can eat raw so we need to find ways of using them.  This soup is ideal as it is light and tasty and easy to make.




2½    Pounds of ripe tomatoes

1       Chopped onion

2       Sliced stalks of celery

1       Sliced carrot

1       Small, chopped, sweet green pepper

3       Cloves of fresh garlic (¾ teaspoon of garlic powder could be used as an alternative)

1       Tablespoon of lemon juice

1       Pinch of dried basil





(1)     Peel and chop tomatoes

(2)     In a large pot put the onions and a small amount of water

(3)     Steam the onions for a few minutes until soft

(4)     Add the tomatoes, celery, carrot, pepper, garlic and 2 cups of water

(5)     Bring the vegetable mixture to the boil

(6)     Reduce the heat and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes, until the vegetables are soft

(7)     Strain the soup, saving the liquid

(8)     Puree vegetables in a blender

(9)     Add the pureed vegetables back to liquid

(10)   Stir in the lemon juice, basil, salt and pepper



This is a quite light soup and is delicious served hot or cold, either as an appetiser or a main course


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