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This recipe comes form the 1930s and has stood the test of time.  Just like the old days it has simple ingredients and simple methods.




1½     Cups of butter

1¾     Cups of brown sugar

16      Medium eggs

4        Pounds of raisins

4        Pounds of currants

1        Pound of finely chopped mixed peel

2        Pounds of flour

1        Pound of almonds, blanched and cut fine

2        Nutmeg, grated and the same of mace

½       Pint of brandy

1        Tablespoon of lemon essence






(1)      Cream the butter and sugar well together

(2)      Add the beaten egg yolks, then the stiffly beaten egg whites

(3)      Put all fruits and nuts together and rub with some of the two pounds of flour

(5)      Beat well, then add nuts and brandy

(6)      Grease and flour a suitably sized baking tin

(7)      Bake at 160ºC/325ºF(Gas Mark 3) for approximately 2 hours

(8)      Test to see if it is done with a fine skewer inserted in to the centre of the cake. If it comes out still showing some batter, bake for up to 30 minutes more. If top is too dark before cake is ready, cover lightly with foil




The resulting cake can be stored until Christmas and traditionally decorated with marzipan and royal icing.


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