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Each year for Christmas we buy a box of dates (I am told it is compulsory!!) however after Christmas they always seem to be left, so I thought this year we would make them edible.  Here's what I came up with.




8        Ounces of whole pitted dates (approximately 27 dates)

3        Ounces of cream cheese

¼       Cup of icing sugar

1        Tablespoon of grated orange peel





(1)      Mix the cream cheese, icing sugar and orange peel well together

(2)      Slit each date from end to end on one side

(3)      Fill centre of each date with the cream cheese mixture

(4)      Refrigerate

(5)      Dust with additional icing sugar just before serving


They taste great and make an excellent appetiser.  As a variation you can dip the dates in melted chocolate, then refrigerate again until set.


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