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It's that time of the year again when you dust off the barbeque, so why not make your own burgers.




2     Pounds of ground lean beef

2     Well beaten eggs

1     Teaspoon of salt

2     Minced onions

½    Cup of breadcrumbs

Pepper to taste




(1)      Mix the beef, eggs, salt, onions and breadcrumbs together in a large bowl

(2)      Add pepper to taste and mix in

(3)      Form the mixture into tightly packed, burger shaped patties of about 6 ounces and about ¾" thick

(4)      Barbeque on both side on a medium heat until golden brown

(5)      Serve immediately in a bun with the sauce of your choice


You can't beat making your own, you know exactly what's in them.  You can also add the variations of you choice, such as horseradish, chives, mustard, cheese etc.



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