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3    Ounces of unsweetened chocolate

4    Tablespoons margarine

4½  Cups of icing of caster sugar

⅓   Cup of Instant non fat dried milk

½   Cup of golden syrup

1    Tablespoon of water

1    Teaspoon of  vanilla extract

½   Cup of chopped nuts





(1)     Melt the chocolate and margarine in the top of a large double boiler

(2)     Sift together the powdered sugar and dry milk

(3)     Stir the golden syrup, water, and vanilla essence into the chocolate mixture

(4)     Stir in the sugar and dry milk in two lots

(5)     Continue stirring until the mixture is well blended and smooth

(6)     Remove from heat and stir i the chopped nuts

(7)     Pour the mixture in to a well greased 8 inch square pan

(8)     Allow to cool and cut into bite sized squares


The quantities above should make approximately one and three quarter pounds of fudge and the whole process should only take about ten minutes


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