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It's that time again to get the cake ready for Christmas




1½     Cups of good quality butter

1¾     Cups of brown sugar

16      Medium eggs

4        Pounds of raisins

4        Pounds of currants

1        Pound of finely cut mixed peel

2        Pounds of flour

1        Pound of blanched almonds, cut fine

2        Nutmeg, grated and the same of mace

½       Pint of brandy (Hic!)

1        Tablespoon of lemon juice

1        Teaspoon of baking soda




(1)     Cream butter and sugar together well

(2)     Add the beaten egg yolks

(3)     Add the stiffly beaten egg whites

(4)     Put all fruits and nuts together and rub with some of the 2 pounds of flour

(5)     Beat well, then add nuts and brandy

(6)     Add the baking soda

(7)     Add the mixture to a lined and greased cake tin of a suitable size

(8)     Bake slowly at 120ºC/275ºF(Gas 1) until cooked (a thin knitting needle should come out dry when inserted into the middle of the cake when it is properly cooked)

(9)     When cool, store in a sealed tin until required


This recipe dates from about the 1920's but is just as good today


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